What our clients say to us, when we don't ask for comments:

"... you have really raised the bar and the praise we are getting back from Senior Management and Customers is continuous. The new range of menu items you have introduced is fantastic." - Hugh Brislan, Functions Manager, Telstra Corporation

"... it's great to deal with people like yourself who are passionate about what they do and genuinely interested in working with our small, local suppliers, particularly in the regions." - Paul Judge, Senior Manager, Industry Division, NSW Trade & Investment

And what they say when we ask:

"Fatima's culinary skills first came to my attention when, on the suggestion of a friend, I engaged her to undertake the catering for a dinner party.I was a little apprehensive, as the food had to have a Moroccan theme, and some of the guests were very familiar with Moroccan cuisine. My fears proved to be not only unfounded, but Fatima 's skills had surpassed anything that my Moroccan guests had ever experience before." - Lady Penelope Street

And what they say in the press:

"One of dinners with unusual themes in unexpected places around Sydney have been happening for a while. For Crave, we went to a Portuguese banquet in a Rozelle warehouse, the venue a secret until the day before. By day the venue is home to 35 artist studios, but this night it was transformed with a long banqueting table. Chef Fatima Barroso, a pioneer in introducing Portuguese food to Australia, provided classics with plenty of modern twists. The evening ended with crisp and creamy custard tarts. Bliss."

> CLICK HERE to view article from the magazine "CUISINE" January 2010 issue "Pop Up Portugal"

"Planning a Party?" Simon Thomsen caters to all tastes "High 5"
"Fine Dinings repertoire ranges from a mediterranean lunch to a showcase of Australian produce. Co-owner Fatima Barroso's heritage means the Portuguese Fish Stew is also worth considering."

> CLICK HERE to view article from the December 2009 issue of "Sydney Magazine"

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