The Team

Fatima Barroso
Fatima is a pioneer and an ambassador of Portuguese cuisine in Sydney. She opened the first Portuguese restaurant in the 80's and has continued to develop her food expertise through a successful catering business and various foodie events. She is the guide leader of "Gourmet Safari Tours", an active participant in food and lifestyle media programs such as "The Chef's Challenge" on ABC Radio and Maeve O'Mara's "Food Safari" on SBS television, and a review panel member for SBS' "Eating Out Guide".

Stephan Mueller
Stephan has been in the catering and events industry for over 20 years including a joint directorship of Belinda Franks Catering and is well regarded today as a caterer. Stephan's creativity and logistic skills are highly praised by the International Olympic Committee and numerous corporate groups he catered for globally. His international catering career commenced at the Athens Olympics, where he gained a great reputation for producing high quality food with amazing presentation. Stephan was invited back to cater for the Winter Olympics in Torino and the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Fatima and Stephan met over 20 years ago while working at Belinda Franks Catering. Their talents have since come together to cater for numerous high profile events, including corporate events staged and managed by David Grant Special Events and TP Events.

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